My Life, Boring As It May Be
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2001-12-24 03:25:55 (UTC)

Dance into Christmas

Sorry my last entry was rather terse. I went to see Harry
Potter with my sis- good show. Beth couldnt go- she got
sick *SNIFF*
Ok so tomorrow is Christmas eve and for some reason I do
not know, I am exctied that we are having subs for dinner.
Its not even special and I am so excited- hungry just
thinking about it :p
So, yeah, if anything the situation has become less
resolved. I am going crazy, and lack of resolution makes me
afraid to go back to school bcause I will have to face it
in my nonresolved frame of mind.
Talked to Maria today for a spell. waht a good kid. It was
a good time. Like talky talky but not quite as good. We're
trying to make plans to go with Rhom to see the shipping
news - heehee. How funny would that be???
So yeah the guys at school play starcraft and I am now
obsessed with warcraft. the same, only different... :)
Ok so if you want to help me with the sitch, leave me a
note. I appreciate it. Merry Christmas in case i dont get
on before then...
Love ya lots