lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-12-24 02:59:01 (UTC)

i wanted to siiiing...

ok so all the medicines i've been taking that have been
making me all nauseous? well i finally threw up from them
today and then i went to sleep while watching "Macaulay
Culkin: The E! True Hollywood Story" and then i woke up and
my dad told me to call marisa to see if she was coming so i
did and she was, butttt then i sorta rolled back over and
fell asleep and then my family left so i went and got
sick. i love when people say "i got sick" as a polite way
of saying "i barfed!!!" yeah but anyway. and then i
slept for a while longer and i still feel all dizzy but i
wanted to go caroling!!! booness!! i wasn't trying to
ditch! i really wanted to go, if my head was on straight.

but i think i'm depressed right now. my family thought
so. maybe that's cuz they didn't know i had been puking.
ahh whatever. i am so tired but i can't sleep cuz i feel
nasty plus there's no comfortable position with this
ginormous thing on my leg!! ahh! so i feel like a psycho.
and i'm hungry but we never have food cuz i never MAKE any
and frankly i don't feel like it right now. i feel like
having my hot boyfriend serve me while i plop on the couch
& watch even stevens, ok?? ahh shoot.

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