Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
2001-12-24 02:44:17 (UTC)

cry part ... XI

"Just let it out, and cry..."
Part XI

Kaminora shot up in bed. "Some thing's happening...
whats going on..." she thought. Then she heard it again.
The music. But it sounded so close. She got out of bed and
pulled a jewel from her night stand. Clutching the jewel,
she padded quietly past Herashino, and Jikanchi's room. An
eiry silence settled on her as the flute stoped
playing. "who's there?" she whispered.
"San-chan where were you? I've been waiting for
you..." a quiet voice answered. Kaminora's body froze. The
voice was from right behind her. Slowly she turned around.
A shodow of a man stood three feet away from her. His hands
out stretched in a welcoming maner. "I've finaly found
you..." The shadow began to walk loser.
"I know you..." Kaminora whispered. "You were the
one... you woke me from my nightmares... you came to me,
that night at the hospital, when Nikkaro wouldn't... It's
you..." Kaminora began to walk twords the man. As they
became closer Kaminora could see his eyes, they were a soft
frosty aquamarin, and his wavy hair matched the exsact
color. "An..." Kaminora began to say when the lights
flickered on.
"Kaminora what happend?!" Herashino said rushing to
his sister. After the seperation from Neikanredi,
Kaminora's left eye had began to act like Neikanredi's.
Blood was streaming down the left half of Kaminora's face.
Herashino rushed and grabbed some thing to stop the
blood. "What's going on..?" he asked again. Kaminora pulled
at her night gown trying to warm her self, ever since
Herashino had turned the lights on she became very cold.
Like some thing stoll her supply of warmth.
Finally getting Kaminora back into bed, Herashino
went back to his own room. Jikanchi was sitting up waiting
for him, a worried look in her eyes. "Was anyone there?"
she asked quietly.
"Just Kaminora. Ever since she got her own body her
left eye crys blood like Nei-chan... I hope she's ok... she
seemed really upset." Herashino informed her.
"Herashino.. that wasn't Kaminora I senced... it
was some one else.. I've never senced this power befor..."
Jikanchi was really worried now. "Do you think it's
possible some one else could be inside Kaminora that we
don't know about?" she asked, consern washing over her
features. Herashino gave her a loveing smile.
"I'm sure what ever it was is gone now... she'll be
ok." he said leaning over to kiss her her forhead. "Now go
back to sleep..." With that said he reached over and turned
off the lights.

Kaminora lay in her bed trying to remember what had
just happend. Was she halusinating the whole thing? Or was
it really happening? Besides she was the only one who ever
heard the music... ever... not even Neikanredi had heard
the music. Maybe she was just imagining the whole thing.
Giving up the thought she closed her eyes and went back to
sleep. In her dreams she was sitting on this big rock by
the ocean. She could smell the wounderful sea air. She was
wearing her gree dress and black coat. Her hair was still
in it's braid, every thing seemed normal. She closed her
eyes as the sun apeared from behind a cloud. The warmth
felt so nice, this was somthing she had missed, being in
Neikanredi and all. A contented smile washed over her face
like the waves in the ocean, that washed onto the shore.
A small voice rose over the the water, and it spoke
to Kaminora. She opened her eyes, and lissoned to it's
You hear my whispers ... But I am not here
You hear my laugher ... But I am not there
You feel my presence ... But I am not around
You see my shadow ... But I no longer exist
You seek to feel me ... But you cant find me
You seek to hear me ... But I have no voice
You wonder why ... But don't wonder any more
You wonder why ... Because I am dead...
Kaminora's eyes widend at this message. It was the
voice of a little girl. "Who are you!?" Kaminora called
out. Then a boy apeared on the beach. The boy on the shore
below her, lifted a long silver flute to his lips and began
to play a sweet melody. The song sent sweet visions to
Kaminora's mind. She imagined herself danceing like she
used to when Heashino played his flute for her; when she
was little. While she was dancing a soft wind came and
circled around her. The music painted such a sweet image in
her mind. But soon the melody mellowed, it became very sad.
Kaminora stoped the dancing vission of her self in her
head, and opened her eyes. Standing on the sandy beach was
a young man, his short frosty hair blew slightly in the
wind. His eyes were closed, but Kaminora could see a single
tear find it's way down the curve of his cheek. Getting up,
Kaminora walked down to the beach. She cafully aproched the
boy. He was tall and thin, but he still had some muscle to
him. His face was sweet, and had a child-like feature to
it. His frosty-aquamarine hair, was being slightly mused by
the wind that blow around him. As she got closer to him she
started to understand what his song ment. She could feel
the emptyness in side him as he played that sad song. When
she finally reached him, she put a hand on his shoulder. He
stoped playing.
The boy looked up from his flute. His eyes were so
"Have you seen Sanshi? I can't find her..." his
voice was almost trembling.
"Who is Sanshi? I can help you find her." Kaminora
"Sanshi is my sister, she's been missing for so
long..." His voice trailed off. Then he started to fade
away. But as he fadded another, more older version took his
place. His gaze was far away, and he didn't seem to notice
that she was even there. He fell to one knee and began to
cry. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..."

Kaminora woke up in her bed. Her breath moving
faster than she had remembered. "What's going on? Who do I
have to find...."

The End
By: Kitty Maxwell
Authers note: hey there my daughter lyz ipong wrote the poem above!
so she should get all the praise for it not me. if your all
woundering what the
hell is going on with Kami-chan now.. i can't tell you.
you'll just have to read. But something very mistirious is
happening to her in her dreams. I hope she finds the
answers she's looking for. Ja' Ne mina-san! =^-#=.

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