Book of Tears
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2001-12-24 02:42:14 (UTC)


You are my everything at this moment in time. Hopefuly
for a life time it will stay this way. I love you. I can't
really remember a time that I didn't. If I could remember
then I would probably remember a time that I was alone and
in the dark with no one. Now that I have a light and I'm
not alone any longer. I have someone that cares about me
and that loves me. For once in my life I can say that I
love someone un-doubtably.
You know how you said that I'm perfect. Well that comes
from being with you. That certain glow that I get from
being around you. You are the glow, that light that fills
my darkness. When you hold me close I feel like staying in
that moment forever. I wish that I could never leave you
not for a year, month, week, day, hour, minute, or a
second. I love you so much words can't even start to
discribe it. In 6th grade it was just me likeing you and
then 7th I really liked you then in 8th I think it got to
the point where I loved you. Then I met Daniel and the love
faded, unmistakeably it was still there in storage in the
back of my mind. Then I relized that I truely did still
love you, now I don't think I could ever store it in the
back of my mind agian.
You know what I think I'd do almost anything for you.
If you truely wanted me to. I think this will be the
mushiest letter ever. That's why it's titled something to
remember. :) You are something I'll never forget. I love

And keep in mind that was completely out of the blue i had
said something to her that night and she wrote me that, i
replied to it but i dont want to waste room with what i
wrote shes whats impotant. call me obsessed i dont care.

bye love everyone who read this not that anyone will