can't fight the moonlight...
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2001-12-24 02:10:52 (UTC)

parental bitch match

so my parents just got through with a screaming match. or
at least my dad was screaming at my mom. wonder what it was
about this time? forget it, i don't care. it was probably
some petty thing that escalated to ridiculous standards.
i remember when mom was in law school and things were
really bad. they were constantly fighting. i was probably
in like third or fourth grade, and i'd sit there crying in
my room, just wishing that they'd get a divorce, thinking
it would just make things so much easier if i didn't have
to listen to it anymore.
now its better, tons better. they've been lovey dovey
recently, and while it would make so many people sick to
see their parents like that, i love it and think its sweet.
now i feel like i'm back in fourth grade, just waiting it
fa la fucking la.

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