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2001-12-24 02:07:27 (UTC)

Free fall

The first time I really got scared was when I saw the
plane. It was so goddamn small, not enough room to lay down
or stand up in.
Going up I was so frightened, I kept on trying to slow down
my breathing a bit but I couldn't. It was freezing cold and
there was only a plastic flap over the door of the plane.
Josh would lean over and hold my hand, and that was
And then it was time for me to go and I started to panic a
little and grabbed the side of the door so I wouldn't fall
out. We were 9000 feet up.
Then the man that I was tandem diving with asked if I was
ok, and I nodded and let go. I leaned out, held on to my
straps, and jumped.
OH MY GOD. If you've ever fallen so fast it is absolutely
amazing. I screamed so loud. We fell for forty seconds over
everything so tiny below us, the fields, the ocean, the
mountains and then he pulled the cord. We pulled up fast
into the air and then everything stopped, everything was
quiet and soft, drifting. We did little spirals for a while
as the ground got closer, and then I pulled my legs up like
he said and we landed hard right on the butt.
And I had done it, wow.
What I couldn't believe is the whole time in the plane Josh
was never nervous. His face was so calm, he wasn't scared
at all, just concerned about me. I really admired him for
Later on we went out to eat and then saw Vanilla Sky. I had
seen the Spanish version before, also with Penelope Cruz,
and this one was pretty much the same. It's good though.
We went back to the barracks and got some beer, went up to
his room and three beers and two orgasms apiece. Bid each
other good evening a few times, going back for hugs, and
then I came home and slept till the afternoon.
My vagina hurts but he said it was the best sex he's ever

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