my life (as told by me)
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2001-12-24 01:47:49 (UTC)

work day!

well, it's the 23rd. and i went to church this morning. it
was actually good, cuz the youngins sang. and so did my
dad! my dad has a killer voice. and then when i got home, i
ate (finally) and took my meds. and i headed to janet's for
the day. i was attacked by dogs when i got there. lol.
holly and cliffy attacked me, and then in the truck i got
my face washed like a billion times. i havent been over
there in a while, but it was nice to go over and see what
i've missed. i missed a lot of babies being born, and some
really nice ones too. i fell in love w/ this lil opal baby,
which i think has possibilities. i'm talking about rabbits
here you sickos. lol. and cassie is definitely bred...due
any day now. (cassie=dog) i'm thinking at least 4 pups, if
not more. she's soooooo huge! i want a puppy too. :( if
only my parents would let me have one. and, i'm still
amazed by what i saw yesterday. the phantom was just like
whoa. and i'm still thinking about it. omg and i like
totally love my brother now....i think he got me
hannibal! :-D i wanted that movie sooooo bad, and when i
opened the box w/ all our gifts in it, i spazed cuz i'm
almost 100% sure that's what he got me...but i still want a
sign. lol. that would've been fun. well, i should go, cuz
my meds are making me sleepy. but one more thing. i figured
out something last nite about sam....well i hope i did, cuz
i'd really like to know if i'm right for once in my