Dreaming Of Everything
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2001-12-24 00:45:44 (UTC)

I get knocked down, but I get up again-Chumbawumba

My heart is in my stomach. There's so much confusion
around me that's it's just not cool anymore. I think I'm
going to give myself an ulcer. Yeah, right, so I have
these friends...and they both like this same guy, but one
of them is going to Sadies with him because she already
kinda ask, and the other girl is probably hating her guts,
and both are coming to me and complaining about the other.
Great, eh? Then, my own problems with boys come in. Yeah,
so I like this guy, and he has a girlfriend who's a junior,
and he and I are sophomores. I've liked this guy for 4
years, ever since I started talkin to him on the internet.
Pretty sad, eh? and no, I'm not from Canada. It's really
heart-breakin...but ya know. Ne who. I'm a fiction writer,
right? so I have like a billion stories going, and I think
I might actually finish at least one of them by the end of
this christmas break, and then it's back to school at
Bishop Miege *gag me* My head hurts, so I think I'm gonna