An Angel..Misguided

Diary of a Sinner
2001-12-24 00:44:38 (UTC)

What a boring day...

Hey peeps! Your favorite Punk Princess here, given you the
down low, lol! Ok it's Sunday, the day before Christmas
Eve, and i went choopin with my Dad for my Step-Mom, we went
to T.J. Maxx, and we got her some shoes she really wanted,
and some clothes, a really cool shirt, i love it, she's
going to let me borrow it! Anyways, we went to the gas
station, and omg! I was begging my Dad to take me to Mickey
D's, because i was really hungry, and my little brother got
too, so we stopped at a gas station, and my friend Marky
works there, he's hott by the way. I told him that i wanted
to go to Micky D's, and the only reason my Dad wouldn't take
me is because, he only had his credit card. So Mark made
this whole plan up, he would "accidently" charge my Dad for
gas, because all we got there were cokes, and he would call
us back and gimme the money, he's soo nice!! And so we went
to Micky D's and when i got home, Bryan had called me a
little before i left, so i called him back, and we were both
bored, as usual. He told me to tell him something funny so
he would laugh, and i asked him if was a frog, he said no,
and asked me if i was a frog, i said i was now, lol, he's
silly! Anyways, it's 6:33 right now, and im tired, i woke up
at 1 in the afternoon today, whoohoo! My brother woke up at
4, lol! So i better go now, im really bored, and i want my
drink!!!! Peace!....Dark Punk Princess Sammie!!....