my name?

my boring life
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2001-12-23 23:18:22 (UTC)

i am so bored

Im so bored i actually decided to write in this...saturday
was kinda gay i went to this Christmas dance were i heard
alot of people were going to go....which i guess wasnt true
because there was like 12 people there yeah like only 12!
it was really not fun...then i left with Chris and we saw
Doug and he went with us too...we got mcdonalds and
then...we droped doug back off at the dance n then we went
driving around for like an hour then went back tot he
rink ...that was my night how fun...
Today was okay i guess. I went with my mom to my aunts
house down by sandy hook.. then me my mom and like all of
the girl relitives in my family went to a resturant called
Silvermine Tavern..its like one of those rustic
places...and we did the usual traditional ordamint swap
yeah fun but whatever its a tradition...i dont know waht
else to gonna go

buh bye!!!!

Merry Christmas!

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