HipHop Dance
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2001-12-23 23:13:58 (UTC)

HipHop 2001

Hi: My name is Frances Sheldrick,

I started taking Hiphop Dance Classes In September 2001. I
have always loved to dance and loved music. I love my
classes I'm in Beginners class. My friends casey and Erika
also do it with me to. We learn alot of new moves and we
dance to MTV music. We have done Britney,pink and lots of
songs. I want to be a professional dancer or be a
cheographer for my career I'm going to work hard and do my
best! that is my dreams and my goals! My cheographer
Teacher karissa she is really good and she loves it so
much. She is a great teacher and very nice. dancing is my
passion. Karissa her friend was in britney Spears Video I'm
a slave For You and her other friend danced with NSYNC at
the VMA'S lastyear 2001. At the end of our classes we do a
routine it's fun!
I will work hard and have fun!

I hope you enjoy reading my diary.


Frances Sheldrick!