Exposing My Dystopia
2001-12-23 22:39:59 (UTC)

later that year...

yea... itz been a while huh. lotz of stuff haz been
happenin. the highschool experience. hm. it wuz exciting at
first, and i loved it. itz halfway through the year now and
itz jus not kewl. life iz good tho, u kno outside of skewl.
after all that being a dumb ditzy love struck teen i found
someone i can be happy with for a while. weve been goin out
for, well a lil over 3 monthz now. hez a kewl kid. hiz
namez mark. tomorrow iz christmas eve day. i kant wait till
christmas. i got mark a hampster and itz livin @ my house
now. itz upstairz. me and becca were playing with it today.

my friendz are great. my life... ill live.


p.s. wish me luk :)