Lady Xanax

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2001-04-09 01:16:01 (UTC)

A World Gone Mad

Okay people, I really think I've been going about this
whole online diary thing wrong. I need to let ya'll see
the hard real in your face LadyXanax. So here it is in
your face. When mein engal was in my bed last night, I had
the strangest dreams! I drempt that I was a stripper and
Daniel actually let me strip. He didn't like it, but he
let me. I think that this realtes to something I've been
worried about as of late. If I marry him, will he keep me
tied down? I think my dream is a sign that he won't. He
won't tlike it, but because he loves me, he'll let me be my
own person. Do you realise that the worl relly has gone
mad? Whatch Faces of Death IV and you'll see what I mean.
Just look around you. All of the school violence, teen
drug abuse, promescuity (?). It is a mad world out the
ladies and gents. Why do we do this to our own generation?
To ourselves? Are we out of our heads? Yes. Mad. I want
to change the world. An impossible dream only if I feel
that it is. I want to be like Bono and Micheal Collins,
remembered in history books. Call me out of my head, see
if I care. You are not going to hold me back. How to make
the poor excuse of a world a better place? I guess it all
starts with me. I must get my crap together first.
Writer, rock star, actress, lover, mother, wife, friend.
No, baby, prioritize. Friend, wife, mother, lover, writer,
actress, rock star. Why do I always put the least
important things first? I think that by being an
essentially good person I can change the world. However, I
should use my talents of drama and writing for some good.
You must think that I'm a complete idiot by now. Oh well,
your opinion. Here are some of my values and priniples. I
think I'm just writing this to reaffirm my faith in

1) Love everyone regrdless
2) Love passionatly and like you have nothing to lose
3) Treat people as you want to be treated
4) Do not judge unless you are prepared to be judged by
your own standards
5) Be an individual A conformast is about as intesting as
a peice of cardboard
6) Sex is sex and not for me, maybe God will understand
making love
7) Monogmy Do not give your body away unless you are sure
you love this person and want to spend the rest of your
life with them Don't just get laid because you're horny
Your body is one of the only things you will ever truly own
and it is one of the most sacred gifts that you can ever
give Give it to your one and only
8) Keep you friends close, but not close enought to stab
you in the back
9) Always make an effort to forget the past If you live in
the past you cannot live in the present or look to the
10) Always do what you think is right, even if no one else
11) Read good books, listen to music of all kinds, look at
tres, rain, and be thankful that you are here It could all
be gone in an instant
12) Be open minded Your mind's like a parchute, it works
best when it's open
13) Respect your body and do not put things in it that will
harm it Peircings and tatoos are cool but drugs,
cigarettes, and alchohol are not.
14) Never take anything for granted
15) Respect those who inspire us, who make us smile, who
love us They are our leaning posts for life True friends
are hard to come by but true friends will always be there
A mere friend will leave you hanging Differentiate friends
from True Friends

Please forgive the cliches, the similarities to the Bible,
and the references to God. This is what I believe in and
try to live by. Not because I am a Christian, because most
Christians do not live by these principles, but because I
aspire to be a good person and a good friend. I fell that
if you live by the values listed above, you will be happy
and you will be an essentially good person and good
friend. Also, a good partner, husband, wife, lover,
mother, father. 15 values for 15 years of life. Love
Always. Stay wilder than the wind and blow me into