lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-23 22:36:56 (UTC)

dirty pop

titles are stupid. i never know what to say. so there ya
go. dirty pop.

this has been a boy headache weekend...boys cause
headaches. friday, i went to the looses and talked about
hume with phil, except it was in front of our parents so we
didn't talk about the hume that REALLY happened, but
still...there were some jolly memories and then all in all
i feel like an idiot looking back.

and then i get stranded w/ mr. friendly himself yesterday,
which wasn't horrible but it wasn't cool. haha i've spent
the last two days around him & we haven't talked AT ALL.
even when jon shoved us together oh-so-sweetly @ church.
that was fantastic. actually he didn't do anything
destructive this time so i'm fine with it. whatever. it
all gives me a headache.

don't think about the past. it only makes you hate the
present :-D