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2001-12-23 22:31:47 (UTC)

6 weeks wow!

well hey...all those people that have been asking me if me
and britt are still going out....your answer is no...we
were for 6 weeks and one day and then 3 days of putting our
relationship on hold for him wanting something that I
wasn't willing to wait for...shows how patient I am blah:p
I just went over his house like 2 minutes ago..and asked
him to make a decision....and eerily I was happy while I
walked to his house if he said no he didn't want to have a
realtionship anymore I wasn't going to be devastated, and
it's good because I don't want to have to rely on somebody
else's emotions for mine if they are gonna be all wishy
washy and confusing..but if he would have said yes that he
still wanted to go out..i could have still be all lovey
dovey and still commited to the relationship once again...

then i was just happy because I was happy again...and i
caught myself smiling while I was walking there again, and
that was wonderful!

but i asked him for his decsision if he still wanted to
date or not...and he still wouldn't give me an
I just told him to say yes or no to going out again...and
he said yeah i pushed it a little...but i didn't
make the final decision and I'm glad about that because
then I won't have any regrets in my head which I always do
in every single other damn relationship I've had..

and I am proud to say that this is my longest relationship
even though it might have been a crappy one to an outsider
I had fun, and now I have some more experience for next
time...and god knows I'm not completely over him...I still
like him and all and I would feel extremely jealous if I
saw him with some other girl, and he has been the best
kisser of all the guys I've dated...which means I need to
go and get some more smooches from other people...but hey
life goes on and I have other things to focus on

I can't wait until college and I think I'm almost surely
positive that I want to go to the Art Institute of Fort
Lauderdale...awh...some stablility it's great isn't it!

Oh and I went to wal-mart today with my brother and Got the
Green Day cd (Warning) i've wanted since it came out...but
i never had any damn money ....and it's pretty damn
good...and the lil jon and the eastside boyz cd
i'm happy about those things also...and oh my goodness 2
days until x-mas happy happy joy joy!

oh and I also made a fool of myself and anastasia and I
know she's gonna kill me when she gets back...she thinks
frankie terranova is like a complete hot bitch and she's
always drooling over him...and I don't remember why but his
sn was on my list and I imed him ...and well just read this
conversation and you'll know why she's gonna attack me with
several sharp pointy knives!Jenni4ross (4:07:54 PM): hey do
you know somebody named anastasia?
PFLbassBOY (4:08:01 PM): ya
PFLbassBOY (4:08:04 PM): who are you
Jenni4ross (4:08:04 PM): i don't know how the hell you got
on my list but i don't give a fuck
Jenni4ross (4:08:37 PM): she's like fucking like i'd fuck
frankie if i got a chance..but she's such a fucking pussy
and won't say barely anything to you
Jenni4ross (4:09:21 PM): i don't think you know me...but
like on thursday or wednesday of this week during 3rd lunch
i was walking outside with anastasia and i was holy shit
anastasia there's frankie terranova
PFLbassBOY (4:10:24 PM): cool
Jenni4ross (4:10:35 PM): but i don't give a damn if you
know just says in your info.. that you don't have a
girlfriend and anastasia's a legitament person
PFLbassBOY (4:10:38 PM): do u have a name
Jenni4ross (4:11:26 PM): and she's doesn't have herpes or
any shit like that or at least that's what she tells me you can fuck her and do whatever the hell you
want with her and she'll be happy...
PFLbassBOY (4:11:49 PM): ya bud
Jenni4ross (4:11:52 PM): yeah i have a name but it's not
PFLbassBOY (4:11:59 PM): sorry
PFLbassBOY (4:12:12 PM): what is it
Jenni4ross (4:12:21 PM): my name...?
Jenni4ross (4:12:49 PM): you won't know me anyways...but
Jennifer... Ross...
PFLbassBOY (4:14:05 PM): ok
Jenni4ross (4:14:25 PM): but that's irrelevant to
PFLbassBOY (4:15:14 PM): who cares
Jenni4ross (4:15:42 PM): the point to this conversation is
i'm trying to get my friend she'll stop being soo
god damn horney all the god damn time...and since she won't
go and get some of your ass by heself...i'm trying to help
her out...
Jenni4ross (4:16:11 PM): and she likes you for some
reason...i don't know why she thinks your extremely hot and
cool and other random things
PFLbassBOY (4:17:41 PM): sorry
Jenni4ross (4:17:47 PM): oh yeah and i wanted to ask you if
your band is performing any time soon or something..?
PFLbassBOY (4:17:48 PM): ive never had sex and i dont plan
on starting with her
PFLbassBOY (4:17:54 PM): sorry
Jenni4ross (4:18:00 PM): oh shit...your a fucking virgin?
PFLbassBOY (4:18:22 PM): yup
PFLbassBOY (4:18:36 PM): im straight edge
PFLbassBOY (4:18:42 PM): you know what that is
PFLbassBOY (4:18:55 PM): when im true to not smoking
drinking or having sex til im married
Jenni4ross (4:19:08 PM): your not some jesus freak or
something are you?
Jenni4ross (4:20:32 PM): o.k.?
Jenni4ross (4:21:42 PM): um...well eitherway i don't think
she'll want to screw you right when she but..i'm
making a complete ass of myself right now...
Jenni4ross (4:21:54 PM): ha ha
Jenni4ross (4:22:32 PM): okay whatever bye...
PFLbassBOY (4:24:42 PM): im not a jesus freak
Jenni4ross (4:24:53 PM): okay that took a long time to
Jenni4ross (4:25:10 PM): well i mean i don't smoke or drink
or anything like that ....
PFLbassBOY (4:25:22 PM): ok
Jenni4ross (4:25:24 PM): but i thought you were like a
freak...and got around...since you were so 'popular'
Jenni4ross (4:25:46 PM): shows how cliche we all are in our
stereotypes of everyone
PFLbassBOY (4:27:24 PM): ya
PFLbassBOY (4:27:29 PM): ok i gtg
PFLbassBOY (4:27:29 PM): c ya
Jenni4ross (4:27:33 PM): ok bye?

yeah that's why she's gonna kill I judged him
wrong..that shows you what you get for watching tv and
using your sources from that...hah!

I want to make something...something clothes
something...mittens or something...
i had this dream that I made these really awesome glove
looking things they were pointed...and i wanted to go to
wal-mart and get some fabric and make them...but i ended up
buying the cd's and i'm ordering 4 magazine subscriptions
with money that I've gotten that I wanted since forever..
but never kept the money I had for it...

oh you know what some bitches took money from my parents
savings account somehow got their pin number or something i
don't know...and spent all that shit up..and the last
transaction was in like tennessee or something...i'm not
sure if I should be putting this on the internet or not but
um....well i'm not gonna delete this..

i'm talking to fani right now about britt...we're talking
about our relationships with him...mine a lot more crappier
than hers...

I'm not tired of writing right now..but your tired of
reading I know so I'll most likely write something else
later tonight ..

I love all of you for reading this....Notecards!