2001-12-23 21:44:29 (UTC)

Hey whats going on? not a whole..

Hey whats going on? not a whole lot here, just shootin back
pain killers, muscle relaxers, Excedrine, and just about
everything i can get to take all this frickin pain away,
anyways im about ready to go have a christmas visit up to
my grandmothers house up near KC, (Kansas City) soo ill be
gone until late tomarrow night. well i wanted to wish
everyone a happy holiday, a Merry Christmas, and a happy
new years. these last 2 weeks have been kinda hard and
very confusing, but im just chillin. So hows everyone else
doing? good i hope. lol it was frickin crazy last night, my
friend Dustin came over,from missouri, which is awesome
cause i havent seen him in a hella long time, then we just
chilled, watched some football, and messed around on the
comp for a while. then we were about to go to sleep when 2
of my little bros came in and attacked us! lol it was
funny, me and dustin were soo pissed, we jumped up and
grabbed them, then tied them to each other lol! it was the
greatest, then we stood them up tied together and just
laughed at them, lol, teach them to attack us when we're
sleeping, haha, anyways ill talk to you later, im gettin
ready to go, love ya always

SHOUT OUTS TO:...........Stephy-Whats up girl?! i miss ya
lol talk to you as soon as i get back, email me sometime,
Marissa-hey!! Ill talk to you sometime, (Im glad you
and "RED" had a great time together) lyl
Rachios, whats up girl!? where have u been? jeez i havent
talked to you in forever, get online girl jeezers lol!

Love ya lots
im out
the crip pimp