Until the End of Time
2001-12-23 21:43:11 (UTC)


geez. I really slept in today. I got up at 1:20..PM... I
guess I was tired. I took a shower, did my daily workout
stuff, tried to call Hollie but she wasn't home and her
brother thinks she will call off today. Well, I called off
too. After I tried to call her and she wasn't home, I just
layed down and fell right asleep.
I woke up like 2 hours later...and guess what? I was
supposed to be at work about 30 minutes ago. I just picked
up the phone and said I was sick and would have called
earlier but I was asleep. So here I am now. sitting at my
computer. Wondering where Hollie is and what she's
doing... I wish she would get on icq about now... I
really shouldn't have called off. I need money. Oh well.
I'm gonna play aoe.