2001-12-23 20:47:57 (UTC)


I am at Troy Fleury's in Antigonish right now. I made it
home safely - barely. Got to Halifax to meet Courtney and
some people at the Dandylion Cafe and there was a note for
me taped to the building with my name on it saying to meet
them at Gatsby's cause Dandylion was closed. Hung out for
a while, gopt a hold of Jon - left for New Glasgow at 1am.
Once in New Glasgow I realized I had no where to sleep so I
continued to Antigonish, but from Truro to Antigonish I
could not ese the front of my car and I was too tired to
watch my driving very well. I couldn;'t see the front of
my car it stormed so hard. Seen lots of cars turn back, a
few tow trucks, a few off the road, and a few cars being
escorted by RCMP cruisers. No internmet connection when I
got home - anbother reason why I came here was to let Misty
know I got home ok. For some reason I could not get myself
to drive under 130 even though the car was slidinhg all
over the road. By Kepoch Mountain two transfer trucks were
on my side of the road on the corner before the exit and I
ended up on the gravel wit a windshield covered in slush
still doing about 120 while sliding... but I made it.

I am still in a state of euphoria from Misty. I love her
so much. I wish oyu were here, or I was there. Leaving
was awkward and hard. I have to break this shell I keep
myself in so I can just be me and not be doing these
default reactions of mine anymore - cause every now and
then I found myself doing them while I was there (ex. cute
talk; "I will never be bad again, I promise"). I am just
overwhelmed right now and am not thinking straight yet.
Wearing your shirt and getting lost in your pharamones -
your scent intoxicates me in a sweetness I can't figure

Got to go for now...

We are going for coffee here before I head back to NG