can't fight the moonlight...
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2001-12-23 20:22:00 (UTC)


things i dislike about religion:

1) the catholic one
2) feeling as though you have to stay with the religion you
were raised in, even if you hate it and want to convert
3) people who try to convert YOU repeatedly and annoying
4) having it mocked because somebody else doesn't agree
with it
5) can you say holocaust?

things i like about religion
1) mine
2) being able to feel a part of something bigger
3) how every once in a while it really can help you with
your problems
4) praying
5) living in america and being able to choose, even if it
is difficult
7) adding diversity
8) talking about it
9) studying it

I love being a Universalist Unitarian, and being able to
pray to the Lady instead of the Christian God. I like
magick, and I like Christianity. Jesus was awesome, whether
or not he was the son of God, and Zen is amazingly relaxing.

"Who am I?"
"Don't know." ~mantra leanred at Zen center in Cambridge.

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