Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2001-12-23 20:04:33 (UTC)


I had a few neat things happen recently :).

A friend of mine's cousin died.... but she came back in two
hours... O.O Is that amazing or what?! Yeah, I thought so
too... Anyways yeah, thats what happened o.o

Also, hehe ^.^ I made Kiara come close to crying last
night... its not what you think!! I said something that
made her very very happy, I said, "You know, recently
almost every night I thank God for you..." She was so very
touched, hehe.

I got to talk to Holly, you know, the one that draws stuff
on the VCL. Well, she is very nice, and I found out that I
am REALLY good at analysing people just by their art and
art descriptions. I was able to see that she was Bi,
somewhat hyper, but can be serious, and thats about it.
Also, I was able to tell that Lee-Lee only PRETENDS to be
all dark, she's actualy a nice person, and a big talker ^.^
I wonder if this could be a useful talent, who knows....

On Christmas, Kiara is going to tell her parents about me,
we think it should go well.... if it doesn't.. aw man....
Lets just not go there.

I've been thinking about The Nightmare Before Christmas,
and I think I'd like to see it again. hehe ^.^ Kiara had a
neat idea, someday we are going to dress up as Jack and
Sally from that movie. Well, I guess thats all

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