Mysterious Attitude
2001-04-09 00:58:24 (UTC)

Sunday April 8, 2001

7:50 pm

I got up at 1:30 today cuz my mom called and told me 2 be
ready so we could go return my cd and her bra back to Wal-
Mart. So I got up and got ready.. and my mom picked me up
and she had Terri with her.. so she could take her to
work... Terri reached me a bowl of food that she made.. I
was eating while we were drivin back to Gary to drop Terri
off. When we got to the gas station we all went in and I
had Jen fix my pigtails cuz I had them uneven lol. Me and
mom then left and drove by Wal-Mart but it was to busy.. we
were like... damn forget it we will come back. Instead she
went by the Dollar Store and I got me a set of tennis
rackets and balls, along with some body wash. When we got
home I decided to ride my bike... but the tires needed
air... So my mom and I put the bike in the trunk of her car
and made our way to the gas station to air them up.. When
we got home I rode around on my bike 4 bout 30 minutes then
I made my uncle play tennis with me... 4 bout another 30
minutes... lol then I took myself a lil break to listen to
Jom B and dance around the house.... then me and my mom
played tennis.. and I came back up stairs to get online and
listen to Jon B... I'm bout to go read some more of my
online mail and take another shower... cuz im really sweaty
from being outside so much.. so bye bye 4 now.

10:04 pm

I have been online all this time since I wrote my last entry... lol A
few minutes ago I was talking to this boy Brad... I have talked to
him a few times online before.. and I really liked him... he hasnt
been online 4 the past week so I IMed him as soon as I saw his name..
and we were talking... and out of no where he said " I neeed to tell
u something" I was like ok... what is it?? and he went " I think I'm
starting to have feelings 4 u... I know it sounds strange but I
really thing I am". I was like... no its not stange cuz I'm feeling
the same bout u... and he was like really? and I go yes... So I
wonder... since he is single and don't live far from me... maybe
something may happen between us.... but I don't think nothing will
happen anytime soon... but in the future... who knows? I mean we may
meet... and really like each other and start going out... and just
fall in love... It's possible.... and I really do need someone sweet
and loving in my life right now.... I'm so lonely... I just want to
be with thats special one.. I wish I could find him.... I may have
found him.. I just don't know it.... well I'm going to go now.. I
still have to take a shower and shave cuz I have gym tomorrow... what
fun!! lol so bye bye 4 now