Uday's freedom of thought
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2001-12-23 19:17:10 (UTC)

First day

Well....here it is, finally...after all the thinking,
reckoning and pondering I've done...I decide that maybe I
need to write. There are so many things that one wants to
let go of...remove thoughts completely from their
mind...be free! You have all the freedom in the world to
do anything (well, almost anything), but yet you are so
trapped by past thoughts and feelings that come up at the
most uneventful of times. I dunno...maybe this is a false
sense of delusion that if I write...I let go...maybe....
But my guess is as good as anybody else who has tried to
write out their mind.

Its 2 days before christmas and a couple of weeks before
new years (duh....). I look back at 2001 and am amazed at
how much I remember from this year. I mean..... there isnt
much you can keep in your mind about events that are even
a couple of months old....you just consider them so
unimportant. But this year has been an year of changes.
When I just look at me (which is a speck when compared to
the global changes over this period of time)....I have
unfolded, realized, started to respect, tried to
understand (though this part really gets to me....) and
finally tried to weigh what really is precious....gosh!! I
have felt the change!

I guess this is the point where I need to introduce myself
(to whom??). My name's Uday and I'm 24 years old. I work
at an engineering firm in Houston and have been there for
1.5 years. My passion....skating and music. The 2 combined
together can lead to road kill, but I guess I'm willing to
risk that. My friends.....most of them in Dallas and a
couple of crazy ones in Houston and 3 very important
ones....in San Diego, Singapore and Houston (all over the
place....). My sports....football, F1 racing (yeah
schumi!!) and battlebots.

See you tomorrow....