Reality Bites
2001-12-23 18:58:46 (UTC)

All You Wanted

Ok, lets see, last time I wrote was Wednesday I think..Yep,
since then nothin much has happened...I got in a fight with
Tim.. He and Alyssa spent all of Wednesday and Thrusday
together and Thursday night I called over there to see if
they wanted to go to dinner so me and Tim could exchange
gifts. Alyssa said they were just gonna eat @ her house and
invited me over, she was like, "It'll be so fun!" lol
anyways I went to singing then Alyss called me on my cell
and was like, "Tim doesnt want you to come over cause he
wants to be alone with me...we're in a fight now cause I
told him you're my best friends and I wouldn't dis-invite
you,and I wanted you to come, and he's being a selfish
bastard, but I thought you should know all this b4 you came
over" because when Tim gets mad, he gets mean, so I was
like, "Alright, well you don't worry about it, but you can
tell Tim that I dont want his present and that as of now, I
am very upset with him, and that I see how much our
friendship means to him" and she was like really upset and
like ready to cry and said she'd call me later. So
anyways...I was pissed, had no plans-and it was too late to
make any by that point so I just went home and finished
Alyssa's present. Tim called like 4 times but I have caller
ID so I didn't answer it. Then at like 10, my sister came
to my room and told me he was there...So I just went out
there and he's all, "can I come in?" and it was raining and
shit...I was like,"nope...say what you've got to say,
nothing is worse than what you did tonite...not even
standing in the rain listening to one of your best friends
apologize for not wanting you around" he was like ready to
cry...he kept trying to hug me and stuff, gave me a present
which i gave back to him over and over...he left it on my
porch...I dunno...I let him talk..told him how I felt, then
I said we'd talk about it when he got back from his trip to
WA...sometime after New Years. I just put up with so much
with them...cover for them always,talk them through all
their fights, like I didnt think that 1 fucking hour out of
their makeout session so I could give him a gift would
matter, but I guess it did to him. So yea, that was

I called Alyss and just told her to come over, so she slept
over and we went shopping with Kate the next day. I didn't
get to see Jes, so that was sad...I saw Ben from the deli
and that was exciting...I flirted to the utmost w/ him lol.
he was like, "you didn't give me anything hunnie!" So b4 I
left..I gave him my school pic with my # on the
back...lolol...Smooooth I kno! So yea, I'm OFFICIALLY done
with my X-mas shopping, which is NICCCEEE! Yesterday I went
to a fam. X-mas party...that was alright, I was supposed to
go out w/ Carli and her friends after, but they left like a
minute after I got home, so I just watched a movie with my

I actually miss Jesse, I talked to him for like a second
the other day, I think he had people over cause I heard all
this "oooohhhh"ing in the backround when he said my
name..I'll probably call tomarrow, cause I already left a
message for Kate last night, maybe I'll tell them to stop
by tomarrow-X-mas eve isn't a big thing for us, X-mas day
is more. It's hard to believe that X-mas is in 2
days...woah..I feel really I dunno, at peace cause I have
everything done in prep. for it. I better go work out...I
ate too much yesterday...It's ok I just wont eat today.

"If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here
So lonely inside
So busy out there
And all you wanted
was somebody who cares"
"All you wanted"-Michelle Branch