Randi Lynn

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2001-12-23 18:46:37 (UTC)


Yesterday When I was sleeping from 3:45 to 7:30, I thought
i had woken Up..And I was having a horrible time breathing.
So i tried to move, and I couldnt, and i couldnt make any
noise. I hate it when that happens. So i just gotta try my
hardest to wake myself up. Its very..weird. Anyway, Today
was, and is, so Very Boring. I woke up around 7:30, And
started working on ma daddys christmas present. Its a rug
thing..That i gotta make, Its a Latch-Hook thingy. And then
my mom came Home. And then I had to wrap Presants for my
brothers, and my Step dad..Like I do every year. Ugh, and I
cant even eat anything, Everytime i eat something I feel
like im gonna throw it up. It sucks. Now my mom wants me to
do tha god damn dishes. *sigh*. And Im really Bored!
nothing to do, at all! Tomorow Im going to my Nana's For
Christmas eve- With my aunts and my cousins.