I love skaters
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2001-12-23 18:20:47 (UTC)

Miss him, Love him?

He left yesterday around 3. I left an offline message, he
replys "thanks. write back" so i did. then him mother
reply's and so does his little sister... it was cute, but
it felt like someone was playing a joke. whatevers, i
believe it was his mom and sister. I... miss him? I wrote
the first verse of a song for him... but it'll be my secret
song until one day i feel brave enough to show it to anyone.
I feel completly obsessed with this guy and I think I
should stop. My friend feels obsessed to this girl he
likes, so ha... makes me feel better cos i'm not alone on
this. Then I've got 2 other girl-friends who's crazy for
this dude... but i think their over it.
I... Love him? Yea, I'm sure I do.
1. I've been crushing on him since I met him
2. He has no flaws to me
3. I love everything he does and says to me

Song: "I think I'm in love with you"

I could go on and on...
unfortunetly, i've got a graduation to get ready for.