What Would YOU Do With a Drunken Sailor?
2001-12-23 16:45:08 (UTC)

People I Never Want to See/Talk to/Hear About Ever Again Part X

Jonathon Mata. The gayest thing on earth. I'm pro-gay, but he makes
me rethink my decision. He talks gay,
mostly. 'Don't go there, girlfriend!' 'Totally, ya know...'
And so on. And he's SERIOUS when he says those things. Ew.
The way he talks just pisses me off.
He was Rebekah's boyfriend for like... a week. I'm still
trying to figure out which one is the male and which one's
the female. But whenever I was talking to Sasha, who hung
out with Rebekah, who Jon hung around, Jon would be
like, 'Rebek-AH, tell your FRIEND to go away. I need to
TALK to you.' Rebekah would shoot me an apologetic look and
tell me to get lost. Fuck. Is he really better than me? I'm
not gay. I don't act like a prick. What redeeming qualities
does he have? Other than being a whiny, bitchy, clingy,
antisocial asshole, I mean. Oh, that eliminates all his
best character traits. My bad.

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