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2001-12-23 15:13:43 (UTC)


Mood: Sick
TV: The Black Forum or something, I'm not even watching
Time: 12:12 AM (12-24-01) Tokyo Standard Time

Sorry I haven't been updating, but I've been sick. It
started out harmlessly enough, but I came into work a few
days ago and was ordered to "stay home until you feel
better." After three weeks straight of a work, a few days
off did me a lot of good but I'm still coughing a little. I
pretty much spent the whole weekend reading my brother's
friend's collection of Maxims. I think I learned more about
sex over this weekend than over the past 20 years of my
life. ReOw.

That girl came back tonight. I don't think I mentioned her
in my diary last week, so I'll talk about her now. Her name
is Kanae, but she took spanish in college and her spanish
name is Elena, which I think is a very sexy name. She's
short, really cute, speaks English pretty well, and she's a
few years older than me (I think she's maybe 23 or 24). She
comes in about twice a week or so and we just talk about
whatver (we have a lot in common). For weeks, I've been
wondering if she's flirting with me or not. My buddy Reed's
said since he first saw us talking that I should be putting
on my moves.

Last week, she was asking me what kind of music I liked. I
hesitated for a second, then put on some Static-X expecting
it to scare her off. Her face lit up and she said (in
broken English, it was so cute) "I likes ... uhm ... Rob
Zombie!" and I was like "YES!"

So tonight, I helped her find some more info on going to
school in the states (she wants to attend college in
Wyoming, and become a teacher in North Carolina) when she
gave me a present. It was just some candy, but that made me
finally ask her if she wanted to go out some time. Not only
did I get digits, but we're hitting the town with Reed and
his girl on Saturday ::boogies on down::

My people all missed me while I was gone, that was very
cool of them. Ressa sent me a cute lil get well card and
Mona totally flipped out. She thought I was trying to ditch
her. That's way too cute. I think I scared the heck out of
Amber though ... the last two times we broke up was because
I pulled a disappearing act. I'm sure she'll understand.

I've pretty much been spending the night making capucinnos
that fizzle out (why oh why? :( ), finding more info on
North Carolina for Kanae when I see her next time, and
helping Mona launch her singing career. That's about it, so
in closing, I'm going to do another poll so you can learn
everything you ever wanted to know about me. Hugs to all my

State Yo Name Gangsta:
*Rudolph back in 6th grade (I was a lil gangsta for a year,
believe it or not, but hey that's part of California) and
Chris Dawg to my boys.

Who You Representin:
*All my dead homies

You Gonna Hold It Down:
*Nuthin but love

Are you male or female:
*The ladies tell me I'm all man

Straight or Gay or Bi:
*Straight as a bullet from my nine to your heart

Favorite Meat:
*Beef, its whats for dinner

Favorite Vegetable:

Favorite Canday Bar:

Favorite Cookie:
*Peanut Butter

Favorite Cartoon:

Favorite Cartoon Character:
*The King on Recess

Cartoon Character you most identify with:

If you were a cartoon, what style would you be in:
*Rocket Power

Favorite Movie:
*American Beauty, Fight Club, Crouching Tiger Hidden
Dragon, Never Been Kissed

Favorite Movie Character:
*Tyler Durden from Fight Club or the dad from American Pie

Movie Character you most identify with:
*The father from American Beauty.

Who would play you in a movie of your life:
*Keanu Reeves. I get this all the time.

Favorite Pop, Soda, etc.:
*Do the Dew

Favorite Pudding Flavor:
*Mmm ... vanilla.

Favorite Website:
*Mona's diary

Favorite Band:
*Static-X "YEAH! YOU PUSH IT!"

Favorite Song BY that band:
*Hmm ... This Is Not

All-time Favorite Lyric:
*'Camera one closes in, the sound-track starts, the scene
begins. You're playing you now.'

Favorite Animal:
*Kitties ... RoWr

If you could have that animal, what would s/he be named:
*Ghetto ::sniff::

What do you look for in the opposite sex:
*They have to be sweet and thoughtful. Being short and
adorable doesn't hurt either.

If you were a piece of lawn funiture what would you be:
*A lawn gnome

If you were a jello mold what would you be:
*The Stay-Puff Marshmellow Man

What was your last Birthday Cake design:
*I always get pies instead.

Who packs a bigger dick, He-Man or Johnny Bravo:
*Whoa-a-a Mama! Johnny all the way.

Cooler Bad Guy, Osama bin Laden or Skeletor:
*Hmm ... only one villain can make He-Man douse his speedo.

Cooler Bad Guy, Cobra Commander or Dr. Evil:
*Doctor Eeeeeevil ::holds pinky to lip:: I went dressed as
him to the premiere of AP2 in my hometown.

Favorite Computer Game:
*Diablo II. That game is digital crack.

Favorite Video Game:
*Hmm ... FF8. One day, I will finish that game ... alas
today is not that day.

Favorite Video Game System:
*::GASP:: ::spank Mona for picking X-Box:: Definitely the
Playstation 2. The CPU was modeled after missile guidance
systems or something (true story)

Would you rather be a flavor or a smell:
*Flavor ... smells tend to be nasty

Heaven or Hell:
*Hehehe, I know where I'm goin, and it ain't ruled by the
big guy

Peace or War:
*Its the nature of the beast

If you were a Cenobite, what would you look like:
*Uhm ... a red starburst

Coolest Murder Weapon:
*My pinky

Chess or Checkers:
*Chess. Any pansy can play checkers

Should people make 8-Tracks in cars again:

Vehicle you would pick to be a new Powerwheels Toy:

Biggest Sexual Weakness:
*Hooray for Boobies!

If you were a piece of shit what color would you be:
*Gree and I'd smell like baby food

If you were a building block what letter would you be:

Are you a hammer or an anvil:
*I hammer, baby ;)

Could Cheese Wiz be used as a sexual lubricant:
*It burns a lil

If you were a movie monster what would you be:
*Werewolf ... awoooooooo

Favorite Skin Color:

Favorite Insect:

Coffee or Tea:
*Don't EVEN play with my coffee. That shit just ain't funny

Elvis, Alive or Worm Food:
*::BURP:: What worms?

Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra:
*Franky ... you da man!

Favorite Eatery:

If you were a side dish of food what would you be:

If you were a lawn tool what would you be:
*Rake. People step on me all the time, and wound up getting

Old School Pimp or New School Pimp:
*Keepin it real

Sasquatch or Yeti:
*Squatch-watch. That's how I pronounced it when I was lil

If you were a body part what would you be:

Wind, Water, Fire, or Earth:
*By your powers combined ... I AM CAPTAIN PLANET!

Magic or Magick:
*Whatever floats your boat

If you were a flavored condom what flavor would you be:
*Cherry ;)

Would you be a ribbed condom:
*More pleasure for the ladies ;)

Favorite Holiday:
*My birthday!

If you were a kitchen utensil what would you be:

Lord of The Rings, Gay or Extremely Gay:
*Hey man, don't dog on my childhood

Should They Make a Space Balls Episode 2:
*Its about fricken time

Would you rather do lawn work or house work:
*House work, unless I could do the lawn work at night

Shocks or Struts:
*Shocks ::bounces down the street::

Frick or Frack:
*Frack ;)

Who would win in a no-rules fight, The 3 Amigos or Snap,
Crackle And Pop:
*The three amigos! ::does that little hip dance:: HUH!

Austin Powers 3, really necessary:
*They made over 20 Bond movies so why the hell not?

What would be your ideal partner in the Wacky Races Series:
*Definitely Mona. I'd be the cool hepcat and she'd be the
flirty girl who distracts the competition

Yogi and BooBoo, lovers:
*It gets lonely in those woods

Do you wish you were more like Tyler Durden:

Pedophile or Necrophiliac:
*Why choose? Go for the small coffins

Higher level meter, bass or treble:

My Way or the Highway:
*Highway. I don't even know, but I know I don't like you

If a band has a song called "Forest of Unicorns" is that
*Not if its in a kid's cartoon

Marvel or DC:
*DC, baby!

Surveys, good or bad:
*More fun that bucket full of porn

What is the farthest you've ever travelled...
*Okinawa, Japan

Name one thing that it seems everyone else has done but you.
*Gotten strung out on something

Name one thing that you've done that it seems nobody else

High Fidelity style, describe your five worst breakups.
*I hated that movie

If you had your choice, where would you be living right now?
*Either Modesto or San Fransisco CA

What is the one thing that you could do to improve your
life the most, if money and time were no object?
*Become a drama teacher

What is your worst habit according to you?
*Ignoring girls. I can't explain it, my head will say "Damn she's
hot" and I'll act like I couldn't be more annoyed by her presence.

What is your worst habit according to other people?
*Supposedly, I'm too quiet

If someone offered you $1 a minute for each minute you
didn't think about sex, how much money would you make?
*Enough for meals :D

What about $100 for every day you went without any physical
contact with the opposite sex?
*Hmm ... I'll answer after this thing on Saturday

Who/what are your favorite...
a. TV/Movie celebrities, male and female?
*Male - Edward Norton
*Female - Jennifer Love Hewitt

b. Music celebrities, male and female?
*Male - Enrique ::sighs dreamily::
*Female - Jennifer Love Hewitt (Hey! She made a CD! AND IT

c. Sports celebrities, male and female?
*Male- The Rock
*Female- Tara Lipinksi

d. Things to do when you have an hour to yourself?
*Chat with friends

e. Things to do when you have a night with your friends?
*Fill our mouths with the most American food we can find

f. Things to do when you can't sleep?

g. Places to go to dinner--and what do you order?
*Double Burger Set from McDonalds

If you had to pick one career, other than what you are
doing now, and do it until you retired, what would it be?
*Acting with a better Theater Company or teaching Drama

What do you think you're really, really good at doing?
*Being boring

What do you think you're really, really bad at doing?
*Hitting on chicks. I usually ignore them until they're
giving me candy :D

If you could suddenly do one thing that you can't do well
now, what would it be?
*Work on cars. I'd feel all manly and stuff

They're making the movie to your life. In 12 tracks or
less, what's on the soundtrack?

*Static-X 'Push It'
[Jr. High]
*Gravity Kills 'Guilty'
[Jr. High]
*Stabbing Westward 'What Do I Have To Do'
*Powerman 5000 'When Worlds Collide'
[Post High School]
*Saliva 'Click Click Boom'
[Two words: BOOT CAMP]
*Incubus 'Turning Japanese (cover)'
[When I move to Japan]
*Blink 182 - 'What's My Age Again?'
[Pretty much my whole life]
*Everclear - 'Father of Mine'
[When I'm a lil tyke and daddy takes a hike]
*Josh Joplin Group 'Camera One'
[High School and Drama]
*Linkin Park 'In The End'
[For those bouts of depression]
*S Club 7 'Never Had A Dream Come True'
[For when I meet Amber]
*Counting Crows 'Long December'
[When I realize how much I miss California]