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2001-12-23 13:28:56 (UTC)


I've decided to pull up camp and come home, my lady
friend's ol'man came down and ask her to come home, plus
the weather ain't fairing to good, but since my last
entrie, I've been t-totally fucked up drunk and stoned
sitting around a log that we put in the campfire three or
four days ago:let me see here now, we drank seven bottles
of STRAWBERRY HILL, ELEVEN 18 PACKS of various kinds of
beer,after my last beer yesterday evening, I called it
quits till the first rolls around, when it does, I'm
hitting WAL*MART in ARLINGTON TX., gonna carry a hundred
dollar, walk in, go to the beer section and load up on
thirty packs of various types of beer and hope like hell
that the pigs don't pull me over and try to pin bootlegging
on me, that'd really be a big kick in the
ass/////////////// till that time, gotta go walk and find that
doober on the river: