Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-12-23 12:02:29 (UTC)

East bay and big MIKE

Justgot off thephone with this doll faced youngster from
the east bay we used to have so much fun. She was really
way out like me, really uninhibited, total extravert. Wed
wind up some place any place with anyone and itd be the
life of the party reguardless. I seen her turn a laundry
matt into the most happen place in town, well till the cops
She rambled of her new man and what a bore he is but how
its her life now and shes happy.I could only responed
senerly that yes lifes change but Im happy too, Really happy
its kinda strange living like this time right here in my
life like i wound up with a few choices of where I was
headed with parole it shortend up the options but I felt I
was making the right choice heading out here to spend time
with the folks and my sister and neice. And it was really
Strange how little they really know of me and my life
they know Ive got a good heart and I know that makes them
proud and I trully am my fathers son even though ours life
are in so much contrast I see how many beliefs I got from
him.Itsreally kinda morbid I think but it doesnt seem so to
me. I was thinking before like some final pilgramage home
to make peace and everything before they pass on.
Thats one thing Ive learned from other people, make that
fucking peace at all cost and spend some quality time
cause that regert can never be made right at a tomb stone
so many people Ive known live with regret of that nature
You know I gotta thank you dollface for the conversation
sometimes its easy to forget who you really are when your
living somone elses life all the time.Yeah wasnt ever that
scared mother fucker, why now I could logic it to death but
I wont lets just run this one like all the past tosses of
the dice and theyll be no regret never has been.
Got a letter today thank you my brother Ive missed you
everday you have know idea of the impact youve had apon me
on all this and yes Ill keep some sac town betty on the
back burnner for you my pull in that area has never failed
me before. God dam prom queens for everyone but my self.
fuck you know I think she had patsy cline jammed in the
case Ive got it on right now no one else rocks that OH yeah
my crimie used to partake a bit.Big mike your a fool,
Ill be seening you in soon and well run that moon
conversation back I got it all figured out now.
"the sphere shape bends the shadow combine with the sphere
shape of the earth. Oh yeah and the second part is shearly
gravity based.
hey thank you though cause you had conversation for this
way out youngster and you were never afraid to challange
the logic when others fucking followers would just Have
heard me break shit down and thought oh hes pretty sharp
and just start buy anything I was throwing out.You
hammering me everyday after I threw down the whole public
education to keep us outta the work force theory I doint
think you even thought about it and you just started to
disagree. Thanks
Thanks for understanding the PTA meetings and picket fences
deal that shit got me through some hard days. Fuck that you
got me through some hard days.Days where my temper could
have changed my whole life but your wise ass kept me
straight. Thanks most of all for the respect we always kept
that shit high there was never any bad blood between us and
in that mother where even if its your boy you feel any
disrespect it changes everthings cause we all hed reps to
keep that shit was never there with us just endless fucking
love. You are my brother and you taught me so much
one of those learn from my mistakes type teachers.
Dont be me things, but Ill tell you brother you have so
many admrimable qualitys that out weight your mistakes.
I hope somday to be half the mother fucker you are!!!!
with endless love and respect