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2001-12-23 10:14:49 (UTC)

mangled meat

yay, finally got all of my xmas shopping done. no more
worries. but aint xmas a lovely thing. commercialism at
its finest!
went to see lord of the rings today, and was very
impressed. its definitely the best ever kiwi movie ever
made. good on ya peter jackson, you did a great job. loved
the fight scenes, and the special effects were amazing.
and its the first trilogy ever to film all three all at
once. nice to see us break a few records while were at
it. :)
this online diary thing is quite interesting when reading
other peoples messages. i enjoy reading through entries on
sept 11 to see everybodies reaction to those fucking
horrible things that happened. how can you call yourself
human when you endorse those sorts of things, let alone do
it. i cant wait untill they capture bin laden. i hope they
catch him alive and have a public live televised
execution. he definitely deserves it.
people like that make me mad, even tho its not right to
think like that. but surely people like him need

at least nobody will shed a tear.

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