2001-12-23 09:48:10 (UTC)

that plane

Well I was just getting ready to go off to bed when I read
on that someone tried to blow up a jet plane
tonight from Paris to Miami. But they caught him before he
could,luckily. You'd think those terrorists would be smart
enough not to try the plane thing again. But obviously
they're pretty fucking messed up anyways. I'm glad they
stopped him -- in the picture it looked like he was pretty
bruised. Really he's fortunate that the passengers on that
plane didn't kill him... I'm not really a violent person or
anything but I think if someone tried to blow up my plane I
would be taking plenty of liberties when making sure that
he's not going to be able to succeed. At least it shows
that it's not going to be so easy for them to cause
problems over on this side of the world now. They're not
going to wreck Christmas for the Americans or for anyone
else. I sure hope they catch Bin Laden -- but I dont think
he should be executed. They should appoint a woman to
represent him, and then sentence him to live the rest of
his life in a prison cell in the "Land of the infidels"...
i'm sure the other guys in the prison would make sure he
felt very ... welcome ...