2001-12-23 09:28:57 (UTC)

Christmas Party

I went to a Christmas party at my friend's house tonight
with a few other people. It was small, but it was fun. I
think there were about 6 of us there. We watched The Grinch
that Stole Christmas (it was really hilarious cuz our high
school social studies teacher looks like the Grinch, if
that's possible) as well as part of A Christmas Story, and
A Muppet Family Christmas. I love the muppets. They're so
cute! Hehee.. I'm 19 years old and my weakness is the
We went out to Perkins around 2am... the guy I like wasn't
there, as usual. I don't really go to look for him or
anything, I go there anyways. I just look forward to him
being there. But he's usually not. It was wierd though, cuz
this guy who's party I was supposed to go to yesterday was
in there, and he was sloshed, it was the 2nd part of his
18th bday celebrations and they went to the bar tonight. I
talked to him for a few mins then went back to my table...
It was really really funny though cuz I didn't notice while
I was over there talking to him, but this OTHER guy who I
had a crush on during high school was sitting with them,
which was kind of wierd cuz the bday guy is a year younger
than me and the crush guy is like, 3 or 4 years Older than
me... so I don't know how they know eachother. Anyways...
it was really wierd cuz I still think he's kind of cute. I
saw another guy yesterday who I had a crush on at the same
time basically in high school (Grades 9 and 10) so it's
pretty wierd. It's like "This is Your Life" or something.
The good news is, this guy doesn't appear to have a
boyfriend... unlike the one yesterday. But I guess you
never know cuz he really wasn't wearing a sign saying Yes -
I'm Straight... so. Who knows. It would be a big shot to my
confidence if this one turned out to be gay too. Things are
so wierd! I can't believe how things have been lately. So
totally strange.