Not what you think.
2001-12-23 09:18:45 (UTC)

If you weren't there....

you can't really talk.
see, this place i'm in is NOT what you think. and i know
hat you think-- we're the jewish version of Iran/we're a
third world country/we have rioting arabs in the bloody
to all i have to say, YEAH, SURE.
god, i get letters from ppl asking me if i had
relatives/friends hurt in riots/bombings/whatever, or if
i'm allowed to wear jeans, if we have electricity, if we
live in tents and ride camels.....
my usual answer (to americans) is, "it's just like america.
only that everything comes in a smaller portion". and it's
true too.
see, i live in the "merkaz", the central region, the most
populated region in here. i see on the news, and only on
the news, just like u do. all those bombings and stuff
happen either in the west bank, in the strip, or in the
eastern regions.
but why do i care so much? why am i torturing myself over
it all the time? i didn't choose things to go the way they
maybe it's just part of my usual prob. god, i'm getting
sick out of all this shit. i just want highschool to end,
so i could get out of here.