My Random Thoughts....
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2001-12-23 07:27:43 (UTC)

Simmered Down....

Ahhhh ok :) I am at peace again. Today was a pretty cool
day. I STILL haven't seen my friends...but oh well. I went
shopping with my dad today. My mom made me go so she knew
she would get good XMAS presents..haha. I definitly did all
the work. I said "ok you are getting her this...this..this
and this." and he did. We then met my brother Eric for a
movie. We ended up seeing "Not Another Teen Movie.." OH MY's fucking hilarious..but DO NOT see it with your
dad. The opening scene is a girl with a vibrator...i was
like ooohhhhhhhh man. The whole movie is very sexual in
nature...very funny but i thought i was going to die sitting
next to my dad watching it. Then when we got home we went to
Big Boy for some food. My mom met us there and we were all
sitting eating dinner...well it was more like a late night
meal. it was like 10pm..and I feel a tap on my shoulder.
AND!!!! It was THE BOY!!! I was soooo happy to see him. And
can I say he looked DAMN HOT. He was like "I just wanted to
say hi....." *sigh* God he looked so good. It just made me
want him even more. Hes so CUTE. He really is a CUTE boy. I
look at him and smile..I just wanna hug him! hehe. Well I
drove seperately so when my parents left I went to talk to
him a little more. He was like "Call me sometime this week
and we can hang out.." I dont think I have ever smiled
bigger. I was like Damn Straight I'll call you boy! hehe. I
have liked him for about 2 to see this actually
working out to something is incredibly amazing to me.

Here is a gross little tid-bit. I just heard that a girl
from my class is dating a 38 year old guy...and not just ANY
old guy...the one that just ran for Sheriff...and he wonders
why he didn't win????? This is really disturbing for me
because I have known them both for almost my whole life. I
went to church with the girl and my dad used to be the
Sheriff so I knew everyone down at the department.
Uuuuuggghhhhhh. How disgusting. Do you realize that he was
20 when she was born??? Thats like me wanting to marry
someone that will be born in 2 years. It makes me want to
puke thinking about it.

Well it's off to bed for myself. I am going to the
Nutcracker tomorrow with my mommy. :) We have done it every
year since I was like 5 or something. Its a tradition and I
love it. I am a huge Ballet fiend.

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