for show and tell
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2001-12-23 06:59:36 (UTC)

this is the third today...

shmoot.. i am so depressed.. i'm not that sure why..
what the hell am i supposed
to do? i want to cry, but since i'm chatting with a
million other fuckers, i can't.. i mean.. they're not
fuckers.. i love nabi, she's a good friend, but i can't
help any of the people i'm speaking with, and they ALL
SEEM TO HAVE A PROBLEM I CAN'T FIX!!! and they continue to
spread it on me like butter on bread, and i keep resisting
it by having a solution, like a wet piece of bread, but
somehow they seem to dry me and i can't do a fucking thing
for them!!!! i almost hate them, but it's not really their
fault.. it's mine too... i'm calm now.. i'll go now..


2nd entry:
i'm so sad... i know exactly what jack is saying in poor
jack.. "what have i done? find a deep a cave to hide in, in a
million years they'll find me, only dust...." i just really wanna
run away from everything at the moment.. i'm sorry.. i'm sorry for
everything and anything i did wrong to the people i have.. _