even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-23 06:20:06 (UTC)

why don't you get a job

today we... waht did we do.. ok i sat onlien for a while
after i woke up and tlak to this guy abotu the maeircan
dream, and so i was in american dream mode, so i did this..
thought collage, i guess, of the ameircan dream, its kind
of cool... then paul, and james and joshua came over, and
we chilled here for a bit, till i got my mental bearing
back fomr the american dream thing... then we went... to
pauls house, and palayed video games, the boys did, and aum
came over, and james and i went to aums house, to pick
something up, and i saw his room, it was pretty cool... and
we looked at this caul-de-sac with these crazy christmas
lights, and it kinda made me mad, and james was like shhh
shhh, and like rubbed my soulders and was all calm down.. we went back to pauls house and then we went to
the mall, and saw kelly and jason, and like, josh and paul
kinda yelled at eachother, and it was awkward... tea time

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