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2001-12-23 05:50:35 (UTC)

the one with the beautiful eyes

when i say yes
i mean it.
but i guess thats just one of the many things.
that you dont understand
about me
sometimes its hard to diferentiate
between psycho bitch.
and realist.
and im stuck
deep within the middle.
the moon is big
and running into my eyes
and im running far away
with this velvety sky
i want to be with you.
and im not.
an unfamiliar hand in mine.
i used to know it.
i used to anticipate that.
but not anymore.
ill say yes again
for your comfort.
and ill agree with you.
to sooth your tears away
cigarettes flying out the window.
crashing onto a slick paved roadway
i travel.
every day.
so many miles left uncharted.
and so many i have taken
an angry look from a new one.
and your missing me i know
i think you forget
i know you.
between the misinterpretations of our lives
between the unwritten letters
and within your silent cries.
i am there with you.
i am there as i have always been.
and maybe you dont know what to do
or who to trust
or when to feel
or whats just lust
but i will be there.
i will be there
just for you