lost in the dark
2001-12-23 05:31:07 (UTC)


Hey Entry.
I did it again. I went and watched the Lord of the Rings.
What a good movie. I know that I will be watching that one
I spent the night with Brother. Nothing like taking time
out to spend time with one of the closes people that I kave
around me. I like the feeling that I have when I am around
Sister and Brother. For some reason my worries never seem
as big around them. As for now I am glad that I have people
that live that close to me where I can talk and share with
them what I am thinking and know that I am not look down
on. And knowing that what I say is going to be responed
with good advice and a helping hand if needed. I would do
the same for them and try to help out with what I can for
them as well. Two people in the world that I can I Honestly
love and Charish. *hugs* to you both.

Lost in the Dark...

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