lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-23 05:07:20 (UTC)

always 1 step behind

ahh i got on here thinking "hey i can update my journal &
be allll caught up" but then what do you know...people are
coming over in a few minutes so i guess i'll be behind
again. but oh well.

we went to the mall today. i got a wheelchair!! it
rocked! i got wheeled around by my gooood friends &
crashed into a lot of things. and and and i bought my bro
a cuuute shirt & he's gonna be SO hot when he wears it.
i'm trying to convert him to skaterdom.

yeah and i got lots of sympathy looks @ the mall & it was
kinda weird. and i got stuck in lots of aisles. and then
this guy challenged me to a race and then anna left me
alone w/ joe by the elevator and it was kinda awkward cuz i
couldn't really GO anywhere to escape. so i just looked
off into the distance wondering if mr. poopypants would
start a conver- ohhh wait. haha yeah and then anna came
back & we made fun of him for being grumpy. good stuff :-)

well that's about it. i got my blue hair dye!! yay! and
i'm gonna do it soon...maybe after christmas though.
alright gotta jet. bye loves