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2001-12-23 05:00:42 (UTC)

It's been a while.....

so I'm going to try and fill you in on everything that has
happened in the past week.....My physics final went pretty
well and I went to the two basketball games and had a blast
afterwards. Then on my way home I met my parents at my
Uncle Terry's house in Simpsonville where we had hot
chocolate and talked about everything from school to just
nothing at all. When I finally got home, my bed called me
right away to which I quickly obeyed....I only got up
because of church!!! Well, church went pretty well and
Sunday night my mom's children's choir put on a musical,
which was absolutely awesome (the best I have ever
seen!!!!!)! Monday wasn't filled with much of anything but
galavanting around town with my dad and practicing with the
instrumental ensemble at church. Tuesday was filled with
nothing but shopping for my mom's Christmas presents in
Greenville with my dad and brother!!!! We had a good time
laughing and cutting up like old times.....I haven't
laughed that hard in a VERY LONG TIME!!!!! Then I spent
all day Wednesday preparing for "Christmas in
Monarch"...which turned out pretty well. Thursday I spent
with my mom, Donise, Morgan, Andrew, and Anna in
Spartanburg just shopping....it was pretty cool cuase I got
to see some people I haven't seen in a while!!!!! Then
Friday was spent with Hamilton and Jane in Greenville
shopping and just having fun away from the
family...Hamilton seemed to know everyone we ran into (we
never really went more than 3 steps without running into
someone...which was cool cause I got to see how popular my
Hamy is ;).....hehehe!!! Then Friday night my family and I
had dinner with Curtis, Donise, Jordan and Morgan....good
time with the friends!! Then today I helped my mom around
the house a little by wrapping presents and getting things
ready for Christmas....then I headed off to work!!! Let's
just say it was a very interesting day at work...not easy
to handle either may I add.....I just realized some things
that people around me are not going to like very much but
things that I cannot help....I guess we will have to see
how tomorrow goes and if HE calls??!!??!!!!????!!!!!
Hamilton if you read this get in touch with me somehow...I
have a LOT to tell you!!!!!!!! Until next time....