Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-23 04:14:11 (UTC)

i know this kiss , these lips are ....

Hey everyone!
Sup? Not much here! Just had an awesome day! :)! OK well
yesterday I went to the mall with my dad and lil sis to get
the rest of our christmas presents ! Well I ended up seeing
my buddy Nate there! :)! haha ! so I stayed with him untill
my mom go off work! it was so much fun! then I got home and
my brother had like oh geez umm....... 5 guys over! and
they were all hyper and drunk and so they kept me up till
like 3:30! and then my brother and Neil blind folded me put
me in the car and drove me to the airport and walked me
around the air port ! And I waslike 'oh fuck they are so
drunk, where the heck am i??' and then all of a sudden
somebody started to kiss me (like a real kiss where they
hold the back of your head and pull you in close) well I
was like 'oh my neil is drunk' but then i was like 'wait i
know this kiss , these lips are ....' I pull me blind fold
off and its RED!!!!! :)!!! :)!!!! hehe! and then he picked
me up by the waist spun me around and set me back down and
my brother was like 'hey man' and they did their ghetto hug
and then we got into the car and went home where the rest
of my brothers 'gang' was hangin out and we walk in and i
am all slap happy ! and red has his arms around me (even
though his shoulder is scratched up with 150 stitches) and
all the guys were like 'who the h*ll is that with his arms
around you?' and my brother goes 'her husband! ' lol! and
they were like 'oh ok that makes sense' but they were all
drunk so it doesn't matter! then like an hour later ,after
sitting on the couch cuddling and watching the drunks play
pool, red says he wasn't to go upstairs so i told everyone
we were going to bed and they all go ' right!! congrats red
you the fist to knock her up! 'lol ! even though he and i
didn't fuck! but we got all changed and we were in bed and
he was holding me and we were talking my brother and neil
and charlie come up and knock on the door come in and tell
red 'merry christmas' and each give him a condom! lol! we
didn't use them cause we didn't fuck! haha but it was
funny! so we talked went to sleep , when i woke up he was
watching me sleep and i was laying oh his chest hold his
stomach like i usually do! lol and it waslike oh geez 12:30
and so we ate and he took a shower and i called kati and
then i took my shower and then we got dressed and then
helped my mom make cookies and frost them and then we had
to take him back to the airport! :(!!! and it took me
forever to say bye! lol, we hugged kissed, and i started
walking away and he had my hand and then pulled me back in
and we huged for like 3mins and then kissed and then he
got on the plane! and my brother was waiting in the car for
me! and then went home and then went to some friends of
ours house cause they just had twins 5 weeks ago! and so I
was so happy to see the babies! but they were like
screaming the whole time and the parents couldn't get them
to fall asleep so I was like ' here let me try' put one in
each arm and went into the other room rocking and walking
and singing 'amazing grace' and guess what the two little
things fell asleep within like 2 mins of me starting to
sing and I put them into their cribs and walk back into the
kitchen where everyone else is and the parents were
like 'how did you...? thats was so...! can we pay you to
come over and do that ???' it was so funny! i have such a
touch when it comes to singin little kids to sleep ! it
just magically happens that they fall asleep to my voice!
its crazy! but yeah and now i am super tired and i have my
aunt and uncle coming tomorrow so i gotta blaze ! later
Sweet Dreams