buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-12-23 04:12:37 (UTC)

ugh! i'm so sick of food!!!

today we went to harry potter. it's a pretty good movie. we
got a X-large thingy of popcorn. they're huge...and you get
free refils...well, total i probly had a whole bucket. i was
such a pig! then i came home and we baked...i had chocolate.
i don't think i had n e good food today. cereal..if that
counts. otherwise i had pop, popcorn, smarties, chocolate,
ice cream sandwich, and pizza...yummy. i was a junky today.
oh well, ya gotta do that once in a while, right? after we
got home my mom drove through the cornfield.....lots of
bumps. i felt like up-chucking....no fun. last night some
girl from winona cotter landed on my ankle:( it hurt before
that, so now it hurts a lot more! i could hardly walk on it.
that sucked really bad. oh well, i'll live. i know what
kinda drums i'm gettin now...i think. either mapex or
pearl...probly pearl tho. i hope that i get them soon!!!! i
think i'm gonna get goin now....g'night all!