Silently Screaming...
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2001-12-23 03:47:09 (UTC)

Kind of Different...

Kind of different...
I'm giving people permission to view my private
It's weird, in a way, but also, this is the stuff I should
just share with people, openly. I shouldn't feel the need
to keep it, and hide it away like I do...

I've always wondered what it would be like to
be "inside" anothers head; to know know what they're
thinking as they think it; to understand the processes of
their thoughts...
No one in particular really... preferrably someone I
don't know, incase they decide to think nasty thoughts
about me. I'm sure it happens... I just don't want to know.

I guess I'm doing this to vent some emotions, and
thoughts, which have been pent up for quite some time. The
only way I know how to release all of that which is inside
of me, is to write it down, slowly... I'm not a fan of
showing emotion, and when I share thoughts, they somehow
don't sound as great, when voiced, as they do inside my

Lately I've been in a fairly philosophical mood...
pondering metaphysical theorums and such... Life; death;
life AFTER death... also, I've been trying to "see" my
...I can't.
I think it's because I don't know what I want, so, of
course, I can't imagine what my future will be like.
Imagination is an amazing thing... such a special gift for
some... for, the power of one's imagination can be just
unreal. I'm not talking imagination as in fantasy, and
daydream... those aren't realistic, so why waste your time
with them? Although, I confess, sometimes it's easier to
imagine I'm not where I am... not who I am... it's nicer to
imagine I'm what I want to be, and, if I knew what that
was, this imagining stuff would be a lot easier!

Anyway, I've turned to rambling... I'm going to try to
sort out some thoughts... and maybe arrange them. I have
some song lyrics I've written, that I'd like to add at some
point, as well.

Au Revoir...

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