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2001-12-23 03:36:27 (UTC)

Ok maybe I was wrong

Well, my mom relayed false information. Jerry says he
wasn't mad, he just didn't want to disturb me and Danny.
That still kinda sits wrong with me considering he didn't
let me know he was here plus he dissapeared for 4 hours and
didn't return my phone call after I left a message. But I
guess it's ok now, we seemed to have worked it out. I am
still planning on hanging out with Danny tomorrow night,
and going to church with Jerry in the morning. Then it
will be Christmas Eve already! Time sure has flown by. I
am 34 weeks along now, and I was really uncomfortable the
whole day, plus I ate too much at dinner. Now I am
exhausted, so I am going to go sew up Jerry's pants and
then go to bed. GOODNIGHT