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2001-12-23 03:30:58 (UTC)


I don't know if I wrote or not yet but either
was a crummy and good day .... i woke up and I had to start
doing a lot of chores after I worked on my website for
about 3 hours which will never be done...i'm adding all my
conversations on there now...and then I was doing stuff
around the house all day for the party that just ended a
little bit ago.

It was nice to see all my family again...they are all soo
beautiful and my cousin Lisa is having her first kid I'm
soo happy for her...i"ve admired her since I knew how too
she is so courageous and beautiful and smart I'm glad she
found someone to share all her life with...and he's really
cool to he's all into computers and stuff and so we can
relate to some stuff..but he's a programer and most of that
shit is confusing to me so I just sit back and go play his
ps2 or just go on there cable modem computer and chat for's fun over their house...but I hope they have a
girl because that will be soo cool..

my cousin karl came over too he's funny and he's short but
only like my height because patrick's taller than him and
it's cute...he's like a basketball pro he's been playing
all kinds of sports since we were little and now he's in
highschool and he's on the football volleyball and
basketball team he's an all around kind of guy, and he's
the ladies man, well that's what I hear anyways..hah!

I won't talk about all my family because that will most
likely be boring to all of you out there and tedious for me
to type about...but I did get some presents...i got got
clothes which I need a lot...this candle maker thing a
beach towel set ... some jewerly 30 dollars a jacket and
some nail polish..and i love it all..

my parents just left to go to some other party..and I
really don't want to go to church tommorow my neck hurts
from getting my head slammed into the ground 3 times and
then having my head jerked onto the ground hardly...but hey
i'm not complaining...

eric left today and it was sad I gave him a hug and he gave
me his dvd's and the titanic soundtrack which I'm listening
to now...see I told you everybody is leaving..that's 3
people soo far..

It was paul's birthday party today..happy birthday
paul...and I missed it because I had to attend this
party..I hope he had a good time and got all he wanted...I
guess it sucks having your birthday right next to the
holidays...i know I would hate it.. :p

um...well I don't know really what else to say...uhh.. I
saw britt once today for about 3 seconds when I opened up
the door to see who my brother was talking to and it was
britt asking him to go skating but he couldn't because he
had to do a million chores...but he was wearing this cool
overshirt/jacket looking thing that I thought was neat..i
don't know what to think about that i won't
think about it anymore until he decides to come to me and
talk about it...even though I still like him alot and I
want to work things out I've decided I'm willing to give
him time alone or whatever he wants and be cool with it..

oh yeah and what the hell is this about that 80's show?
will somebody explain this too me? how can they have that
70's show and that 80's show on the same network and not
feel dumb and how can you copy the title of another show
and just add an 8 in the title? I mean I loved the eighties
and all the entertainment that came with it and I"ll
probably watch the show if it portrays it nicely and
doesn't suck...but I mean what the hell is up with the
title and shit? does anybody know?

okay i'm you all and night!

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