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2001-12-23 02:23:30 (UTC)

ufda.... im home from grand forks

wow, where to start... i have my journal posted on my
website and I'm not sure if that is a good idea or not b/c
that website has everything on it.... i mean U know ALL My
feelings you know everything its kind of weird knowing NE
one can read my journal yet you don't know me so its not
that bad.... b/c on some days I just pour my heart and soul
out on to this thing.... my ears hurt right now and I'm
debating if I want to make some mac n cheese Im soooooo
hungry... I've lost 10 lbs :-) I just got done watching the
saddest touched by an angel I have been working on this
journal entry all afternoon.. I get bored sitting @ the
computerI'm tired im never gonna make it for work tonite!!!
geesh... well, since I don't have time to spill my guts out
right now I will write in it 2 morro.... its almost
christmas eve OOO my what am I gonna get my mom :-

Things to be happy about:
-going to coaches, kokomos, and the voodoo in four days
-ate three bites of spirals
-drinking a lot of water
-throat should be okay for Iowa
-talk to Anthony today.. Haven't talked to him in a long
time.. him and his ex broke up :- ahhh too bad :-}::mwwah::
-talked w/Jamie today.. we had a lot to catch up on
-snow=snowmobling but I hate driving in the weather
-gonna go take a nap right now before work HA HA

love espy

Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel
much better when they know