Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2001-12-23 02:11:08 (UTC)

Doesn't count.

Last night I went to JiD's where ApK and a bunch of others
were partying. CoG, my ex, was there. Everything was cool,
until bed time. I took the couch, he took the floor...until
he started complaining about how uncomfortable it
I told him to take the opposite end of the couch......ya we
ended up fooling around a bit and I broke down and let him
in. Yup, I broke my promise to myself NEVER to sleep with
him again and let the bastard have his way. I don't know
why, I never will I guess. It doesn't count though
really, 'cause he came as soon as he was inside :P & my
numbers aren't going up since he's already on the list. But
ya, so he then tucked me in and we both fell asleep. This
morning he up & left, no goodbye & hasn't called or
anything but really I'm not surprised & I'm not expecting
him to call....I'm not calling him either right? We'll
never be together again, I don't even want that I don't
think. He's a grumpy ass most of the time & told me before
that he couldn't be with me as I wasn't "wife material".
Right, like I was planning on marrying him anyways?? Lol.
Going out to DeD's with JeG for some drinks & maybe to go
watch a band in the city. Doing the family thing tomorrow
night. Then it's Christmas Eve, etc.. If I don't write it's
cause I'm not online.....

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