Product of a Broken Home
2001-12-23 01:53:16 (UTC)

Days Before You Came

got a phone call today, it was catfish boy/chester the
molester/chris ollenbuger.

and i know somethings wrong with me.

he phoned to say that, he was really sorry, and he was
hoping we could still be friends, but he was going to leave
it completely up to me, if i never phoned him again he'd
accept that. so it gives me the perfect way out, right?

then, why the hell am i still considering phoning him? i
have more self-control than that, i won't phone him, not
anytime son anyway. but why would i even consider it?

oh yeah, i'm self destructive..i forgot..

on a brighter note, i got christmas presents from my
friends yesterday. annette gave me candles and pine extract
stuff, steph gave mecandy and soap. and chris and aaron gav
me stuff two. i got another penumbra from chris, 'cept this
one isn't enacted..although ther still seems to be
something about t. and aaron, he wrote a song for me, he
sung it to me, it was beautiful. presents with more meaning
than the material kick. thanks guys, i know you both rea
this everynow and again.