for show and tell
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2001-12-23 01:21:54 (UTC)

re-bound hands..

damn.. well, i was way too fucking hot in that big
sweatshirt to cover my hands, so i was going for gloves.
couldn't find any. so, i put the sticky gauze on again, but put the
left one on the right hand, and the right one on the left
hand. my hands are still so ugly..

i can almost not stand. i took nightmare before christmas
songs and recorded my own voice singing them. and for the
first time in a while, i enjoy listening to my own voice.
i love singing what's this. it's beautiful. i luv eet!


p.s. oh god.. i'm getting happy! wait.. that's not a bad
thing. yeeee~!

2nd entry:

well.. i think my hands are sorry.. they're bruising.. so i've
tossed the bounds.. i've fallen in love with danny elfman. i love
his voice and music. sweet flaming torches.. i love beetlejuice, and
edward scissorhands, and i love the nightmare before christmas. i
keep listening to his stuff. i love it. i want the original score
for the nightmare before christmas, and music for a darkened
theatre. i DO! but i want the original scores for nightmare first..


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