My Life to Live
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2001-12-23 01:17:16 (UTC)

So far this weekend has been ok..

So far this weekend has been ok friday i went and saw
Oceans 11 with my best friend and her boyfriend, it was
pretty fun, but it would have been funne if my b-friend was
there.:( any ways today nobody has called me so I just
slept all day fun right? not Im bored out of my mind I have
nothin to do and I want to see my boyfriend but I dont
think thats gonna happenin cuz have no clue where or what
hes doin at this moment. oh well what can I do? My sister
is at work or I would go shoppin and since my parents wont
let me drive by myself even though I have my license I
guess Im stuck here!!!! Ill probly just go back to bed in
a little while cuz there aint nuttin to do. I really dont
want to go to bed since I miss TJ but stayin up and bein
bored aint helpin that. Well Melissa my best friend
finnally found a really great guy who likes her and treats
her like an angel, hes really nice Ive been friends with
him for a while, and I would've never thought that they
would go out but im glad. I hope they stay together she
really deserves a great guy like that. School is out for 2
weeks Im really glad cuz I need sleep and a break from
basketball. Speakin of basketball fri. we beet cleburne I
played almost the whole game and I scored at least 5
points, it would have been more but i screwed up my
freethrows:( how sad right? Other than that the team
played really well an everybody is gettin along pretty
well, even with the fish!! This was the first time for us
to beat cleburne so we were all really excited! I think it
was my best game so far. well i want to go do somthing,but
what? I know but i cant do that cuz he lives in fort
worth!! that sux. well im gonna go now maybe my b-friend
will call? :)